FAQ´s Datatool System 3 & System 21

Where can I buy spare parts / remote controls?

Your local Datatool dealer or mobile installer can supply all relevant spare parts. Scorpion Automotive does not supply parts directly. 

Can I turn off the automatic arming on my System 3 / 21?

Unfortunately not. It is a Thatcham requirement that the alarm arms automatically.

Can you tell me how to remove my alarm?

We cannot provide details on how to remove or bypass any of our alarm systems in the interests of protecting the many thousands of customers who continue to rely on the security provided by their Datatool alarm. Please consult your local dealer or mobile installer for assistance. 

Can you send me a wiring diagram to install my alarm?

We cannot provide a wiring diagram for any Thatcham approved product, please contact your local dealer or mobile installer for further assistance.

How do I remove the motorcycle battery without affecting the alarm?

Place the alarm in ‘Service/Valet’ mode before attempting to remove the vehicle battery. Detailed instructions are available in the User Guide here.

Can you send me a Triumph bypass plug?

No, this is a Triumph part available only from Triumph dealers. To order you will need to provide proof of ownership ie V5 and proof of home address (utility bill). The dealer can then contact the Triumph UK Sales Office and they will provide them with the correct part number for the plug which the dealer can then order.

How do I register as a new owner?

All System 3 / 21 systems are now outside of warranty so there is no need to register as the new owner.

Can you send me an insurance certificate?

The original fitting certificate is only valid at time of installation and we cannot issue duplicates or new certificates. We recommend you contact your local dealer who will be able to issue suitable confirmation that the alarm is fitted and is fully operational. There may be a charge from your dealer for this.

I’ve lost both remotes and don’t have a PIN code, what can I do?

Without a functioning remote or PIN code the alarm cannot be disarmed or reprogrammed. Contact your local Datatool dealer or mobile installer to discuss the replacement options.

I have a working remote control but don’t know my PIN what can I do?

There is a procedure that your dealer or mobile installer can carry out to reset the alarm and allow a fresh PIN to be entered. 

The LED wires have been damaged, what can I do?

You can order a replacement LED from your local dealer. The LED is the same for any of the Thatcham approved alarms (Veto, System 3 / 21 and S4).

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