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Datatool, motorbike tracking, motorbike security, motorbike telematics, motor bike tracking, motorbike tracker , motorbike accessories , motorbike alarms , motorbike alarms
Datatool, motorbike tracking, motorbike security, motorbike telematics, motor bike tracking, motorbike tracker , motorbike accessories , motorbike alarms , motorbike alarms
Datatool, motorbike tracking, motorbike security, motorbike telematics, motor bike tracking, motorbike tracker , motorbike accessories , motorbike alarms , motorbike alarms
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PROUDLY MADE IN THE UK & Insurance approved

Protect Your Motorcycle or Scooter

Thatcham Insurance APPROVED

Datatool Stealth, Motorcycle Tracking, Motorcycle Tracker, Motorcycle Insurance

DATATOOL STEALTH S5 actively protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement.

  • 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring by our dedicated UK-based Monitoring Team
  • See your bike in real time in the Datatool App.
  • 4G Enabled for superior tracking abilities
  • Tow Away Alerts
  • Zero Speed Mode – We won’t record speed data unless the vehicle is stolen
  • Key Cloning Protection

Price includes installation at a location of your choice on the UK Mainland.


including fitting

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Evo Self Fit Alarm

Evo+ Alarm & Immobiliser

Datatool DNA

Croc-Lock Brake Lock


“It takes on average 20 seconds to steal a motorcycle”

National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS)

Whether you have an expensive off-the-shelf sports bike, or a precious customised classic, Datatool can bring peace of mind for any rider.

Despite the increase in popularity of motorcycles as a method of transportation, most bikes and ATV’s, irrespective of price are not fitted with additional security measures as standard. Furthermore, motorbikes are often stolen when they’re bought new. It takes on average 20 seconds to steal a motorcycle.

Don’t become another statistic, protect your Motorcycle today.

Yearly Cost of Motorcycle Theft

Cost of Motorcycle Theft Per Month


  •  There are 60 bikes stolen every day in the UK. 
  • 80% of bikes stolen are from an owner’s home.  
  • Reports show that criminals steal £3 million worth of motorbikes from UK streets every month. 
  • You’re over twice as likely to have your bike stolen than a car.
  • Without security, the likelihood of seeing your motorcycle again after it’s stolen is minimal. 
  • Motorbike theft could have an impact on insurance premiums, potentially pushing them up.  


  • Alarms and immobilisers can help prevent motorbike theft
  • With a tracking system, you have more than 4 out of 5 chance of recovering your stolen bike.
  • Thatcham approved alarms help reduce the cost of your insurance. In addition, Thatcham approved alarms provide reassurance around the performance of alarms, their design, and suitability.  
  • If someone steals your motorcycle, you have a team of specialists that will help you recover your bike, so you’re not alone in the process. 
  • Our Trackers can prevent all known methods of motorcycle theft.   

Success Stories

Our Products

 24/7 Monitored TRACKERS

Datatool Stealth can prevent all known methods of motorcycle theft. They include: Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags provide immediate theft detection. 24/7/365 monitoring by Datatool and a 96% recovery rate in case of theft. Free fittings for many of our devices at your location by our expert engineers.


Our Thatcham-approved trackers help reduce the cost of your insurance while offering the ultimate motorbike security and works using GPS technology. With the addition of a subscription service, you will receive notifications on your phone when there’s any tampering with your bike, including if it’s moved unexpectedly or lying on its side.


Whether you’ve just passed your test or have been riding for years, anyone with a motorbike needs an alarm they can rely on. Alarms can help prevent the theft of your bike, some insurers require that you use them when locking your vehicle. At Datatool’s, we have high-quality motorbike alarms, including some Thatcham approved alarms. motorbike.


These are the most esteemed standard for motorbike security. Thatcham approved devices will require a  professional to fit. This is to ensure the highest level of security. By having a Thatcham approved alarm, you can help bring the cost of your insurance down. Our immobilisers are great anti-theft systems built in the engine to prevent the engine from starting without using the vehicle’s authorized key.

Datatool DNA

As part of Datatool’s continued effort to reduce and recover stolen vehicles, we have brought together a kit that will allow you to security mark your valuable machine at an affordable cost.

Having your motorcycle or scooter stolen is expensive, inconvenient, and frustrating. That’s why it’s essential to take appropriate measures to protect your valuable asset.

Datatool DNA is a popular choice for those who wish to protect their motorcycle, scooter or ATV. Technologically advanced, easy to apply and cost effective, when paired with a Datatool tracker or alarm, Datatool DNA is a sensible addition to a layered theft deterrent.

How does Datatool DNA work?

  • Thousands of DataDots are brushed onto various locations on your motorcycle, scooter or ATV.
  • The unique code on each DataDot is then stored on our secure database, which can be accessed by police if your motorcycle, scooter or ATV is stolen.
  • The DataDots are almost invisible to the naked eye but can be detected by a UV light and magnifying device.
  • It’s virtually impossible to locate and remove all the DataDots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your motorcycle/ scooter/ATV or its parts without fear of being caught.
  • Warning stickers act as a visible deterrent to thieves.
  • NFC technology is included that the police can use to determine the owner of the bike.

Approvals and Certifications

PROUD TO BE Made in Britain

Datatool is proud to be a Made In Britain country, with all our products being designed, manufactured and shipped from our headquarters in Lancashire.

Thatcham Approved

Datatool has been subjected to the rigorous Thatcham test requirements to meet their Thatcham Security Criteria (TSC) in vehicle tracking system approval. This will cater for any insurance company TSC tracking system requirement