What is Thatcham?

Thatcham Research is the motor insurers’ automotive research centre. Established by the motor insurance industry in 1969, the centre’s main aim is to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims whilst maintaining safety standards.

Today, Thatcham Research still occupies its unique position as the UK’s only ‘not for profit’ insurer funded research centre. Whilst the original aims remain intact, the centre now enjoys a much wider remit at the forefront of the latest vehicle technology research, spanning safety, security and repair.

Based just outside Newbury in Berkshire, Thatcham Research has grown from small beginnings to an organisation now boasting over 180 staff, a state of the art vehicle research workshop, a Euro NCAP approved Crash Laboratory and two fully equipped automotive academies.

A founder member of the international ‘Research Council for Automobile Repairs’ (RCAR), Thatcham Research have also been a member of the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) since 2004.

Enjoying an increasingly global influence in both the insurance and automotive sectors, Thatcham Research are regularly asked to provide their experience and know-how at high profile events and in the media, living up to their reputation as ‘Experts in Safety, Security and Crash Repair’.

Thacham Security Certified

Thatcham’s Categories

Datatool produce motorcycle alarms and tracking systems that comply with the following Thatcham Security Certification (TSC) requirements and former TQA standards:

Cat 1

Motorcycle Category 1

Electronic Alarm and Immobiliser
(Datatool S4 Red):

• Alarm ECU Protection
• Ignition detection
• Inclination detection
• Audible warning with battery back-up power supply
• Passively set immobiliser that isolates a minimum of two operating circuits or systems

A Category 1 alarm/immobiliser is used to provide insurance industry approved security to motorcycles and scooters above 125cc that do not feature Thatcham approved immobilisation as standard. If your motorcycle or scooter has OE provided immobilisation which has been approved by Thatcham than an S4 Green alarm may be used to upgrade the security to full category 1 status. Your local Datatool dealer can advise which system you require.

Cat 2-1

Motorcycle Category 2-1

Electronic Alarm Upgrade
(Datatool S4 Green):

• Alarm ECU Protection
• Ignition detection
• Inclination detection
• Audible warning with battery back-up power supply


Motorcycle Category S5

Stolen Vehicle Tracking
TrakKING Adventure S5

• Automatic Theft Detection via Rider ID Tags
• Battery Back-up power supply
• Bi Directional communication
• Street level mapping
• Police or Licensed security agreement
• Positional data store
• Illegal motion detection (Ignition Off theft alert)