You may have heard the term Thatcham Approved, but do you know what it actually means? When it comes to vehicle security, a Thatcham Approved product is often the best on the market.

Who is Thatcham?

Officially known as the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, Thatcham Research has been at the forefront of vehicle safety, security and repair standards. Established by the motor insurance industry in 1969, Thatcham is a product research company that defines the industry benchmark for vehicle security systems.
Thatcham categorise motorbike security products that meet requirements depending on the product’s functions. The category system ensures that products are always fit for use on the roads.

What is Thatcham Approved Security?

Thatcham devices are alarms, immobilisers and other vehicle security devices that are assessed by Thatcham Research. They give these devices a Thatcham Security Certification after an assessment of their features and functions.

The Thatcham certification provides reassurance around the functionality, design and performance of aftermarket security devices.

High-Quality Products

Thatcham works with law enforcement agencies, the automotive industry and insurers to assess potential physical and electronic vulnerabilities within vehicles and identify the technology and ways to mitigate theft. The products are Thatcham certified are designed to combat different methods of theft

Reducing the cost of insurance

One of the main reasons people get a Thatcham approved device is to lower the cost of their insurance.
The higher the level of security your vehicle has, the harder it will be to steal. This means that your car will be safer, and your premiums cheaper.

A factory-fitted Thatcham-approved device from alarm, immobiliser or tracker makes your car more secure and this is reflected in cheaper insurance premiums.

Thatcham Approved Tracking Device

Established in 1985, DATATOOL was one of the first companies to bring electronic security to motorcycles and scooters, with many our of devices being Thatcham Approved.

As part of the renowned Scorpion Automotive Group, DATATOOL evolved into one of the worlds leading motorcycle and scooter accessory brands, dedicated to bringing you the widest range of high-quality security systems and accessories for your bike.

Our philosophy is simple: To provide the highest quality products covering everyday aspects of motorcycle and scooter security plus a range of accessories to make your life as a rider an easier one.

So whatever you ride –  scooter, cruiser, adventure, or sports bike, we’re the experts.

If you’re interested in purchasing security devices but don’t know where to start, or would like to learn more about our Thatcham Approved devices, please get in touch to chat with one of our experts.

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