Are you a motorcyclist planning to move to the capital for the first time? Or are you just travelling through with plans to stay in a hotel? 

If you are, then the safety of your motorcycle should be the first thing on your mind. 

Every motorcycle rider in London is aware that parking your bike just anywhere, and without anti-theft systems in place, invites the risk of it being stolen. 

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Theft Hotspots in London, taking into account the number of bikes that have been recorded as stolen by the Metropolitan Police which are available to read here.  

River Thames in Southwark, London

1. SOUTHWARK (6.4 % of all thefts in London) 

Southwark Borough is home to some of London most iconic attractions, such as Shakespeare’s Globe and Tower Bridge. And due to the area’s central location, it’s a given that there are so many motorcyclists. 

However, it has consistently been voted among the top 10 dangerous boroughs in the city, and that motorcycle theft is a common occurrence, with 364 bikes reported as stolen in 2021. 

A street in Croydon, London

2. CROYDON (5.9 % of all thefts in London) 

The Croydon area has a very vibrant biking culture and a large population, meaning that there are higher levels of crime than most other boroughs in the city. 

The Fairfield area is the most high-risk area in the borough as all the major public spaces and main shopping districts are concentrated there. 

Photo of Tower Hamlets Town Hall

3. TOWER HAMLETS (5.3% of all thefts in London) 

It was in this borough that the London Police manage to recover a total of 23 bikes in a single raid. 

Tower Hamlets has consistently had some of the highest number of bike thefts each year over the past decade, with the St Peter’s region being the most high-risk area in the borough. However, there are much safer areas for bikers, such as Limehouse and Island Gardens. 

LAMBETH (5.1% of all thefts in London) 

Lambeth is one of the most vibrant places to live in the city, with vintage markets, stunning landmarks and a thriving nightlife. 

However, it’s crime rate compares poorly with other areas of London as it is one of the most densely populated areas in London. This huge concentration of residents and tourists draws in a lot of opportunistic thieves. 

Wandsworth Town in London

5. WANDSWORTH (5% of all thefts in London) 

Wandsworth borough is consistently ranked among the safest places to live in London, but thieves still seem to have enough breathing space, with around 282 bikes in total stolen in 2021. 

The motorcycle theft hotspot in the borough is the Northcote Road area, as it’s the major central area where residents go shopping and eat.

6. BRENT (4.9% of all thefts in London) 

Known to have multicultural communities, Brent is the most diverse borough in the city. Residential property is relatively cheap, and there is plenty of leisure features. 

However, motorcycle theft occurs in all areas of London, and Brent is no exception. Stonebridge is the most high-risk area in the borough for bike owners. 

Stratford in Newham, London

7. NEWHAM (4.1% of all thefts in London) 

It is known to be one of the most affordable areas in London, and the new infrastructure that was built for the 2012 Olympics completely transformed Newham into a place that people want to live in. 

But the overall crime rate in the borough is quite high, with 93 crimes per 1,000 people, and motorcycle thieves are known to be a constant menace. 

Street in Greenwich, London

8. GREENWICH (4% of all thefts in London) 

Greenwich, home to the Cutty Sark, is known for its architectural masterpieces, lots of green spaces, and sits on the banks of the River Thames. However, there are still lots of bikes that are stolen in Greenwich each year. 

Bike owners always need to use motorcycle locks and other forms of security, especially in the Woolwich Riverside area. 

9. HARINGEY (3.7% of all thefts in London) 

Haringey is another area with a diverse community. More than 190 different languages are spoken within the borough, and it’s home to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. 

Yet it is own known as one of the most dangerous places to live in London, and there are relatively high levels of reported motorcycles theft incidents in the area. 


This borough is home to the Heathrow Airport and is the ideal environment for a suburban lifestyle. The crime rate is also lower than the average London rate. 

However, just like in the other boroughs on this list, most motorcycle thefts tend to occur in the towns and streets that are busiest. In this case, the most high-risk area is the Hounslow Town centre. 

As we can see, Southwark is currently the most dangerous place in London for motorcycle owners, whilst Wandsworth is one of the safer boroughs. However, motorcycle theft can happen anywhere at any given opportunity, even in the most upscale areas. 

Leaving your bike anywhere without any form of security is not ideal, especially if it’s an expensive off-the-shelf sports bike or a precious customised classic. We would highly recommend installing the Datatool Stealth stolen vehicle tracker, which boasts a 96% recovery rate in stolen vehicles recovered. It provides 24/7 Monitoring support, meaning that your vehicle will have eyes on it all year round, no matter the time of day, bringing peace of mind to any rider along with a wide range of comprehensive convenience features for life on the road. 

In addition, installing the Datatool Croc-Lock on your bike can add further protection. Not only does it act as a highly visible theft deterrent, but it also locks the brake lever to the handlebar, preventing the bike from being pushed or ridden away. Having both these products installed can easily prevent your bike from being stolen, or in the event that your bike is unfortunately stolen it can help to recover your vehicle. 

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