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Datatool Stealth/TrakKING Adventure/TrakKING

When do my texts renew?

Each ‘pre alert’ text is renewed 30 days after use. For example, if one text is used on 1st July, that one text will be replenished on 31st July. A text used on 2nd July will be replenished on 1st August and so on hence you have 5 texts available every 30 days rather than 5 texts every calendar month.

Why isn’t the map location correct?

The dashboard map display the last known, confirmed as accurate location and this is updated every time the ignition is switched off after the vehicle has been used. It may be that the last time the ignition was switched off, the GPS location wasn’t highly accurate and therefore the system has disregarded this location data. Once the ignition has been on for more than 3 minutes the unit should update the location accurately. In the event of a theft the unit switches to alert mode that sends location data every 20 seconds and therefore will provide our operating centre staff with highly accurate, current location data.

How does Keyguard work?

Keyguard is designed to provide an additional layer of protection, sending a text message to notify the vehicle has been started and ridden using the keys. Keyguard is an optional service and once subscribed to, can be armed and disarmed via the dashboard. Keyguard is intended to protect against ‘theft with keys’. It is easier for criminals to steal the keys than it is for them to overcome the increasingly sophisticated security systems so ‘theft with keys’ is becoming a far more common occurrence.

Can I buy a Tracking unit and fit it myself?

Datatool Stealth/TrakKING Adventure/TrakKING are Thatcham approved product that requires online registration and installation by an authorised installer, it is not available for home installation.

Where can I get it installed?

Please refer to our dealer locator for approved dealers and mobile installers.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the text alerts?

There is no remote adjustment possible but your dealer can fine tune the mounting to increase or decrease the sensitivity, please contact the original installer.

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