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How do I put my Duo into service mode?

Please refer to the User Guide on the products page of this website.

Why do I have to put my Duo into service mode before charging/removing the

Why do I have to put my Duo into service mode before charging/removing the battery?

Where can I get a new touch key?

Contact any Datatool dealer. They can supply you with a new touch key. Please note some dealers may have to order one. A listing of Datatool dealers can be found on the Retailer page of this website

How many touch keys can I have with the Duo?

The Duo will remember up to seven keys.

I have had a touch key stolen can it be removed from the system?

This can only be done by Datatool. Please contact your local Datatool dealer who will remove the circuit board and return it to us. Please note this is a chargable service.

I have just tried to enter a new touch key and the unit just bleeps ahen the new key is
touched to the touch pad whilst the LED is alternating from Red to Green?

Your immobiliser already has the maximum number of touch keys pemitted programmed into it (i.e. 7). It may be that a previous owner of the machine has added extra keys. If you wish to enter in your new key into the unit contact your local Datatool dealer.

Can the Duo’s warranty be transferred to a second owner?

Yes, details on how to do this are available in the New Owner section of this website.

What warrany does the Duo have?

The Duo has a three year parts and labour warranty subject to terms and conditions available on the New Owner section of this website. Please note the warranty only applies to the original owner.

My Duo is bleeping every few seconds and the machine does not immobilise

Your immobiliser is in service mode and the bleep is there to remind you the machine is unprotected.

How do I programme a new touch key?

From the armed state touch a working touch key onto the touch pad to disarm the system. Within 5 seconds touch the new touch key onto the touch pad. The new key is now coded and whilst you hold the key against the touch pad the immobiliser will continue t

My Duo won’t disarm when I put the touch key onto the pad.

The touch pad may be dirty? Try cleaning it using soapy water or an eraser.
Has the imobilisers fuse blown? Check the 3amp fuse fitted to protect the unit.
Are the wires still attached to the rear of the touch pad? The wires to the

My LED isn’t working, can I get a replacement?

These are available from your Datatool dealer. A listing of dealers are available on the Retailers page of this

Where is the fuse to my Duo?

Datatool UK Ltd retain no records regarding the fuse location of your system fuse. The information is recorded on the original certificate of installation.

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