Introducing the latest product in the Datatool motorcycle security range.

Datatool DNA is the newest solution to physical security and is possibly the simplest, yet highly technologically advanced, system that has been created in order to give your vehicle the highest level of protection.

Having your motorcycle or scooter stolen is expensive, inconvenient, and frustrating, and as over £3 million worth of motorcycles are stolen every year in the UK, it’s essential to take appropriate measures to protect your prized asset.

With a 96% theft recovery rate, Datatool has stepped up its continued effort to reduce and recover stolen vehicles by producing a kit that will allow you to security mark your valuable machine at an affordable cost.

Datatool DNA will be a popular choice for those who wish to protect their motorcycle, scooter or ATV with a reliable system, produced by the UK’s leading motorcycle security brand. Technologically advanced, easy to apply, and cost-effective, when paired with a Datatool tracker or alarm, Datatool DNA is a sensible addition to a layered theft deterrent.


How Does Datatool DNA work? 

  • Thousands of DataDots are brushed onto various locations on your motorcycle, scooter or ATV.
  • The unique code on each DataDot is then stored on our secure database, which can be accessed by police if your motorcycle, scooter or ATV is stolen.
  • The DataDots are almost invisible to the naked eye but can be detected by a UV light and magnifying device.

  • It’s virtually impossible to locate and remove all the DataDots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your motorcycle/ scooter/ATV or its parts without fear of being caught.
  • Warning stickers act as a visible deterrent to thieves.

  • NFC technology is included that the police can use to determine the owner of the bike.

Protecting your vehicle one dot at a time

What Features Will DNA offer? 

Zero ongoing fees for re-registration, updating contact details, or transferring to a new owner.

    DNA can be applied quickly and easily by the end-users or at the dealership.
    If your motorcycle, scooter or ATV is stolen, its ownership is easily traceable via the secure Datatool DNA national database.
    The unique code on each DataDot links your property back to you, making it virtually impossible for thieves to sell it safely.


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