When it comes to buying a motorcycle, the first thing on your mind is suitable clothing, accessories and insurance. Any current or potential motorcycle owner should be considering the security of their vehicle as a high priority as motorcycle theft continues to grow with around 60 stolen every day in the UK, and 80% stolen from an owner’s home.

An unsecured motorcycle is an incredibly easy target for thieves; it can simply be ridden or wheeled away out of sight without the owner being alerted to this until they realise that their machine is missing. Sadly, motorcycle theft is never going to stop, but with some simple additions to your security, you can prevent this from happening to you. Also, the addition of security devices on your vehicle can even reduce your insurance premiums, such as the industry leading Datatool Stealth motorcycle tracker that is Thatcham Approved.


One of the simplest forms of security, and a first step towards securing your motorcycle, would be a brake lever lock. The Datatool Croc-Lock is a brake lever lock that is easy to use, and additionally works as a highly visible theft deterrent. This device simply locks the brake lever to the handlebar, which prevents the vehicle from being pushed or ridden away. Not only that, but this easy piece of equipment is made from saw resistant material, meaning that it’s very difficult to damage and forcefully remove. The Croc-Lock is a perfect solution to securing your motorcycle with a quick and easy solution when you’re not sure where to begin with motorcycle security.

“Quick and painless online purchase and very prompt delivery! I had bought the very same product (Croc Lock) in the past so I’m happy to see the same quality (and what feels like a few minor improvements too). Overall, very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend.” Trustpilot Review


Having a bike cover is another example of a straightforward method to securing your motorcycle. Combined with the fact that it keeps your motorcycle clean and dry from the outside elements, but it will also keep prying eyes away from your bike so that opportunistic thieves can’t tell that it’s your new £15,500 BMW Adventure stored underneath. The Datatool Motorcycle Cover also has a highly visible ‘Datatool Security Protected’ decal on both sides, which acts as a highly visible theft deterrent.


Datatool DNA is possibly the simplest, yet highly technologically advanced, system that has been created to give you the highest level of protection. It is a security marking system for motorcycles, ATVs and scooters which uses invisible microdots to create a DNA and uniquely mark parts of a vehicle to be registered on our secure database. The unique DNA itself is invisible to the naked eye and can only be detected by a UV light and magnifying device used by the authorities. Marking the various parts on a vehicle makes it extremely difficult for thieves to sell the stolen vehicle or its parts without the fear of being caught.

DNA is extremely easy to apply by using the microdot solution and applying it to various parts of the motorcycle. You can reference these areas by using the diagram provided inside your DNA box and can be done in under 5 minutes by either yourself or at a dealership. Included in the kit are tamperproof warning stickers, which acts as a visible theft deterrent to thieves, with instructions that also allow you to change ownership of the vehicle, free of charge, if you ever look to sell your motorcycle.


The next step further into motorcycle security would be our Thatcham approved Datatool Stealth motorcycle tracker. Specifically designed for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, Datatool Stealth can prevent all known methods of vehicle theft and has been developed for the harsh environments that motorcycles and ATVs have to withstand. This device provides your motorcycle with 24/7 theft monitoring support from our dedicated UK-based Monitoring team, who will be alerted to vehicle’s movement if the Rider Tag is not with the vehicle. It also provides key cloning protection and an optional zero-speed mode, which means that we won’t record speed data unless the vehicle is stolen.

The Datatool Stealth can be simply installed by an approved dealer at your home or workplace in the UK, and our Sales and Subscriptions team will help you to get set up with us on our online system. In addition, you can manage the tracker’s settings and other convenience features via our Datatool App. The Datatool app allows you to see your vehicle’s location 24/7 and view a record of all the journeys the vehicle has taken, as well as being able to monitor the battery status of the tracker. The Datatool Stealth itself is a cutting-edge tracking device, so whether you have an expensive off-the-shelf sports bike, or a customised classic, Datatool can bring peace of mind for any rider.

“Having used Datatool TrakKING on my previous bike, I decided to have the Datatool Stealth fitted to my new bike that I collected on Tuesday 11th October. Helen Longthorne dealt with transferring my old subscription across to my new bike and kept me updated with the process. The service I received from Helen was excellent and everything happened seamlessly. I know this product works, as recently I received a phone call when going across the channel to France and had forgotten to inform Datatool and subsequently received a phone call to say that my bike was moving across the channel. The new app is great as it gives so much more information and access to loads of features.” Trustpilot Review 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, be sure to check out our other wide range of motorcycle security products if you want to take your motorcycle security a step further. 


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