Is your motorbike insurance high? Before buying a new motorbike, it’s important to check if it’s been stolen as it could result in a higher insurance Premium.

When a motorbike gets stolen, information about the motorbike is sent to the PNC database to say it was stolen and found. The motorbike will be logged on the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register, this holds the records of all vehicles in the UK that have been written-off or stolen. As a result, you may find your insurance quotes going up as insurers look at this record to help calculate how much you should pay for your policy.   

Your location makes a difference

If your new bought motorbike is on the PNC database and was also stolen locally, this could add even more to your insurance premium. This is because, in areas, where motorbike crime is more prevalent, the insurer will look at records to see where this type of crime is higher and if there have been many motorbike thefts in your local area, you could find yourself paying more for insurance.

How to reduce your motorbike insurance?

Luckily, there are ways to reduce your insurance premium and keep your motorbike secure. By adding additional security to your motorbike such as a Thatcham Approved tracker, this can lower your insurance premium. Increasing your security helps prevent theft, gives you peace of mind and can help police find your motorbike if it’s ever stolen.   

Cost of adding motorcycle security  

The cost of adding additional features to your motorbike such as trackers, alarms and immobilisers is a small price to pay compared to losing the vehicle. As Thatcham-Approved devices can help lower your insurance, they can actually save you money in the long run.   

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