It’s come to that time of year where you’re more than likely ready to store your motorcycle away for the winter months. For longevity and protection, you’re going to want to take specific care when doing this and not just leave it parked inside a garage. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips that will allow you to prepare your bike and make sure it comes out of hibernation in as good a condition as it went in.


Something that seems pretty simple but a step that some riders potentially miss out. You’ll be wanting to take your motorcycle out for one last ride before putting it away for a couple of months. As you’re getting your prized asset ready for storage, give it a thorough clean to get rid of any dirt or road salt and make sure you dry it off completely when finished.

Apply anti-corrosion protectant to all the exposed metal areas to combat any damp and also re-grease any moving parts that have been cleaned of their lubricant, such as cables or linages.


Having a bike cover is another example of a straightforward method to securing your motorcycle. Combined with the fact that it keeps your motorcycle clean and dry from the outside elements, but it will also keep prying eyes away from your bike so that opportunistic thieves can’t tell that it’s your new £15,500 BMW Adventure stored underneath. The Datatool Motorcycle Cover also has a highly visible ‘Datatool Security Protected’ decal on both sides, which acts as a highly visible theft deterrent.


The location that you leave your motorcycle over winter is important to making sure it’s in top condition when you’re wanting to go out riding again.

Store it indoors, in a garage or shed, as this will prevent cold and damp damaging your vehicle. When doing this, make sure that it is positioned away from any windows as direct sunlight can lead to paint and leather damage.

It’s a good idea to get a cover for your motorcycle, especially if you are keeping yours outdoors. The Datatool Motorcycle Cover is waterproof and breathable, with a large reflective strip for safe use whilst parking on the road. You can select your size of Medium, Large and Extra-Large, with the Datatool ‘Security Protected’ Motorcycle Cover also warning potential thieves that there might be additional security fitted to your vehicle, making it undesirable to them as they look to make a quick escape rather than tackle the logistics of your motorcycle’s security.

If you do store your motorcycle outdoors, then you will need to use it regularly, clean it and maintain it, otherwise the condition will be significantly worse come the time you want to ride it again in the warmer months.


Maintaining your battery whilst in hibernation is up there as one of the most important things to do. If your battery is left unused and in the cold for any period of time you will find that it will start to go flat.

For your battery, a general rule of thumb is to keep it warm and keep it charged. The lower the state of charge the greater the ratio of water to acid, so the more likely the electrolyte is to freeze in winter cold. A fully charged battery freezes at around -50°C while a fully discharged battery freezes at around -2°C.

If your motorcycle has a connected security device such as an alarm, then leave it connected or you risk the security of your vehicle. However, the device is more than likely to slowly use the battery so you must connect it to a smart trickle charger and leave the charger permanently on while in storage. Make sure to purchase a dedicated motorcycle battery charger with smart/intelligent control, meaning it varies the charge rate and switches itself on and off as required.

If you don’t have any security devices fitted, then you are best removing the battery and storing it indoors or cover with a towel, not placing directly on the cold floor, with the aim to keep it as warm as possible over winter.


Once your bike is fully cleaned and covered, the next step would be to lock it up and secure it. A standard step to securing your motorcycle is by locking it with the Datatool Croc-Lock. This device secures the brake lever to the handlebar, ensuring that it can’t be moved or ridden away.

To take your security to the next level, there are some great options available to motorcycle enthusiasts through the ‘Lock It. Track It. Mark It.’ partnership between Datatool and Image4 Security. Offering Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, you can benefit from fitting an Apex Pro ground anchor that secures the Guardsman chain to the floor, along with an alarmed ZOVII padlock.

Datatool DNA can also give you peace of mind as it marks your motorcycle with its own unique DNA that can be traced back to you if it is stolen. The invisible microdots that are painted onto your motorcycle’s parts are only identifiable via a UV light and microscope that are used by the authorities, making your vehicle less desirable as thieves can’t sell on the parts without the fear of being caught.


Motorcycle Security Options To Keep Your Motorbike Motorcycle Safe In Winter In Storage
Stealth Motorcycle Tracking Device Keep Motorcycle Motorbike bike Safe


The final step to take to ensure your motorcycle is safe in winter, or in fact all year round, is to fit a Datatool Stealth tracker. This piece of kit is especially useful if you are unable to store your motorcycle at your home during the winter months as any unauthorised movement will cause an alert to the 24/7 Monitoring Team at Datatool who will inform you to confirm if a theft is taking place. You can also track your motorcycle and its journey history via the Datatool app whilst benefitting from a range of convenient and safety features, such as custom alerts, zero speed and privacy modes, that are sure to put your mind at ease when your motorcycle is left alone.


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