In the world of motorcycle enthusiasts, the thrill of the open road comes hand in hand with the sobering reality of rising motorcycle theft in the United Kingdom. Between June 2022 and May 2023, there were 18,361 motorcycles registered as stolen to the DVLA by police, with most listed as ‘commuter scooters’ with engines of 125cc or under. This blog takes a closer look at the landscape of theft and introducing Datatool’s technology as a solid solution for protecting our motorcycles.

Understanding the risk

Recent statistics reveal an unsettling increase in motorcycle theft cases across the UK. Beyond the numbers, each stolen bike hits close to home for our community. It prompts us to consider just how common this issue is and underscores the importance of proactive measures to protect our bikes.

Certain urban areas are known hotspots for motorcycle theft, such as Croydon and Wandsworth. Thieves target bikes left vulnerable due to inadequate security measures, and because of how easy it can be to steal an unsecured vehicle. Understanding these risk factors is crucial for riders looking to ensure their bikes are shielded from the threat of theft.

Datatool’s Rider-focused Solution

Developing motorcycle, scooter, and ATV security since 1985, Datatool has been a reliable player in motorcycle security. With a wide range of security solutions from a cutting-edge tracking system that offers 24/7/365 Vehicle Recovery Support, to a 118db alarm system with the option for a dual engine immobilisation system, Datatool can keep your motorcycle secure from all known modern methods of theft. Here are the key reasons as to how Datatool can protect your ride:

stealth s5 tracker

Datatool’s Stealth S5 tracker, is an advanced tracking solution equipped with the latest satellite tracking technology that comes with 24/7/365 Vehicle Recovery support, so you can ensure that your vehicle is always secured, with a wide range of convenience features for life on the road. And, if your vehicle is stolen, an alert is raised to our Vehicle Recovery specialists who will liaise with the authorities to assist in the recovery of your vehicle.

lfa and lfa+

In addition, the Datatool LFA and LFA+ alarm system has a 118db siren along with perimeter detection and an option to upgrade to a dual-engine immobilisation system, which upgrades nearly any vehicle to a Thatcham CAT 2 status, by adding a combined vehicle immobiliser and an alarm. This system ensures that your vehicle is protected against all known modern methods of theft.


Furthermore, Datatool has its very own Security Marking System known as DNA, which contains thousands of microdots that carry a unique code that is simply brushed onto various parts of a vehicle and can only be seen via a UV light and magnifying device used by the authorities. This type of security makes it difficult for thieves to sell stolen vehicles or its parts without the fear of being caught.

To summarise

In our ongoing battle against motorcycle theft, Datatool’s technology stands out as a reliable companion. Acknowledging that no system is foolproof, Datatool’s combination of advanced tracking technology, unique security marking system and combined alarm and immobiliser system makes it tough for thieves to outsmart these devices. Investing in reliable motorcycle security isn’t just a precaution, it’s a proactive step towards protecting our valuable assets. Let’s stay ahead of the game, ride with confidence, and ensure our bikes are equipped with the latest in anti-theft technology.

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