Enjoying the open road with your beloved motorcycle is a liberating experience, but the need for robust security is more important than ever. The UK has witnessed a concerning rise in motorcycle theft, reflecting a growing challenge for riders and prompting increased security measures. In the diverse world of motorcycle protection, there are a wide range of security systems, each presenting its own set of advantages and drawbacks. We will explore the pros and cons of various motorcycle security options to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Traditional Lock and Chain


Traditional lock and chain systems stand as a visible deterrent for opportunistic thieves with their robust appearance. Compared to a motorcycle with no security, thieves see the lock and chain as an extra step for them to deal with. This reduces the attractiveness of your motorcycle to thieves. They are budget-friendly, offering a cost-effective solution for riders who prioritise simplicity.


Chains and locks may not offer foolproof protection. Tools like bolt cutters or angle grinders can quickly render a chain useless. Even if a chain is used, if not attached to a stationary object, thieves can easily lift the bike into a van. Some owners wrap chains around the wheel to impede movement, but this method is still vulnerable to bolt cutters.

Scooter Wheel Locked Up

Alarms and Immobilisers


Alarms attract attention to potential theft, acting as a powerful deterrent in public spaces. Motorcycle alarms are designed to provide an immediate alert to any suspicious activity. Whether it’s an attempt to break the ignition, move the bike, or tamper with the body, the alarm triggers instantly, alerting the owner and those in the vicinity to the potential threat. Immobilisers add an extra layer of protection by preventing hot-wiring attempts. Unlike visible security measures such as chains or locks, immobilisers are typically hidden within the motorcycle’s system. This discrete nature makes it challenging for thieves to identify and bypass.


One of the most common drawbacks is the possibility of false alarms. Environmental factors such as wind, rain, or even passing vehicles can trigger the alarm, leading to inconvenience and potential desensitisation of the public to the alarm sound. Determined thieves may attempt to disable or remove the alarm to proceed with their theft undetected. While some alarms come with anti-tamper features, no alarm system is entirely immune to skilled and persistent criminals.



GPS Tracking Devices


GPS trackers provide real-time tracking, offering precise location information for prompt recovery in the event of theft. In these circumstances, a tracking device significantly increases the chances of recovering the stolen motorcycle. Police services can use the precise location data provided by the tracking device to quickly locate and retrieve the motorcycle. Many motorcycle tracking devices offer geo-fencing features, allowing owners to set virtual boundaries for their motorcycles. If the bike moves beyond these areas, the owner receives instant alerts, preventing unauthorised use or theft.


The upfront cost and subscription fees associated with GPS trackers devices may deter budget-conscious buyers. Reliance on GPS signals introduces the possibility of signal interference in certain environments, impacting the device’s effectiveness.
Furthermore, Visible deterrents, like signs or stickers indicating the presence of a tracker, make your bike less appealing to thieves. Without these visual cues, your motorcycle may be perceived as an easier target.


In the dynamic landscape of motorcycle security, each option has unique strengths and weaknesses. Traditional methods offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness, while advanced technologies like GPS tracking devices provide a more proactive approach with more success. By delving into the pros and cons of different security systems, riders can tailor their approach to suit their needs. GPS trackers stand out as the number one choice, offering real-time location, comprehensive security layers, and advanced features like geo-fencing and remote monitoring. The accuracy and functionality of GPS trackers make them a formidable deterrent against theft, providing owners with an effective tool to protect their motorcycles.

Our Motorcycle GPS Tracker Recommendation

Our recommended GPS tracker for your motorcycle is our Datatool Stealth S5. The Stealth S5 actively protects your motorcycle against unauthorised movement and the following benefits:

  • 24/7/365 theft monitoring by our dedicated UK-based monitoring team
  • 96% recovery rate
  • See your bike in real time in the Datatool App.
  • Tow away alerts
  • Zero speed Mode – We won’t record speed data unless the vehicle is stolen
  • Key cloning protection

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