Here at Datatool we are delighted to announce the launch of our new series; Datatool TV

Presented by Datatool Account Manager, Lauren, our new channel will inform viewers about new releases, latest app updates and any helpful features that would be beneficial to any Datatool user. 

In the first episode, Lauren talks you through our industry leading motorcycle tracker. From key features, benefits and accessories, find out more about Datatool Stealth and how you can benefit from a Thatcham approved tracker on your motorcycle, scooter or ATV.


Features Include:

  • Access to the Datatool App
  • Ultra-Low battery draw
  • Early warning movement alerts
  • Zero speed and privacy modes
  • Free UK-wide fitting at any location
  • Flexible payment options


Boasting an impressive 96% recovery rate, Datatool Stealth uses advanced technology to keep motorcycles, scooters and ATVs safe, monitoring 24/7/365 for signs of unauthorised movement through our dedicated Monitoring Team who will contact vehicles owners and liaise with police in the event of theft. Subscribe to the Datatool YouTube Channel.


Watch Datatool TV Ep.01 Here:

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