Security specialist, Datatool is warning motorcyclists about the pitfalls of buying second-hand alarm units. There has been a sharp increase in the number of these units available through on-line selling sites, such as eBay, that look like a great deal but the reality of getting the unit installed and working can see costs spiralling.

Alarms need to be maintained and kept ‘alive’, many units that are sold second hand have spent considerable time off a bike in a dormant state and therefore the internal battery capacity may be reduced significantly, which causes operational issues and excessive current draw. If the alarm is Thatcham approved the fitting instructions won’t be available so an authorised dealer or mobile fitter will need to fit the unit but the alarm will still have no guarantee as there is no history. Even some of the alleged ’new’ alarms being offered online are over 15 years old.

Dave Plummer, Datatool Brand Manager: “We’ve seen an increasing number of enquiries from motorcyclists who have purchased a used alarm. It seems like a great deal at the time but the costs to get the alarm usable on their bike can mount very quickly and the potential for problems due to poor installation or a poorly maintained internal battery are significant. You have to consider that the alarm was originally removed for a reason, people tend not to remove a perfectly serviceable alarm. Buying a used Thatcham approved device really is a false economy, it’s likely to cost you as much as buying a new unit in the long run.”

Whilst Thatcham approved alarms and tracking devices need to be bought through authorised dealers and fitters, there are products that are suited to on-line purchases and are ‘self fit’ for competent mechanics. Datatool’s ‘Demon’ range of affordable alarms and immobilisers is designed with this in mind. The range comprises of the Demon Uno single circuit immobiliser at just £49.95, Demon Evo Alarm at £89.95 and the Demon Evo Plus Alarm and Immobiliser at £129.95.

The Datatool S4 C1 Thatcham approved alarm is £279.00 plus installation via our authorised dealer network.

For more information on Datatool products please visit where you can also find a full list of authorised dealers.