Thatcham S5-VTS & S7-ALS


TrakKING Adventure S5

Thatcham S5-VTS Accredited Tracking System
Advanced 24/7 monitored motorcycle tracking system compliant with the latest insurer requirements of Thatcham S5-VTS & designed to Police Preferred Specification. TrakKING Adventure S5 offers all the features of TrakKING Adventure but with the additional of Rider ID to deliver a significant security enhancement.

TrakKing Adventure

Thatcham S7-ALS Accredited Tracking System
Datatool TrakKING Adventure delivers the same security peace of mind as the original TrakKING but with a range of additional features including full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts. The theft protection activates automatically as soon as the vehicle ignition is switched off and monitors the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement.

Thatcham engineers continuously analyze theft methods and new theft techniques used to break into or steal vehicles. This enables them to update the Security Criteria to combat new theft techniques. They use this information to keep vehicle manufacturers and security manufacturers updated on new attack methods, enabling them to improve on potential weak points in a vehicle’s security design. ScorpionTrack has been subjected to the rigorous Thatcham test requirements to meet their TQA level in vehicle tracking system approval. This will cater for any insurance company TQA tracking system requirement.