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At Datatool®, we are motorcycle security and scooter security specialists for motorcycle alarms, tracking and accessories. No one understands more than us how important it is to keep your pride and joy protected.  

Using security is about keeping your motorcycle safe as well as making it harder to steal. Thieves will usually look for an easy steal, therefore, Datatool makes it a lot more difficult to steal.  Physical security like croc locks and motorbike covers will help prevent theft, but the real deterrent for thieves are alarms, immobilisers and trackers. 

Motorcycle Tracking Systems

Protect your bike with our Thatcham accredited GPS tracking systems providing 24/7/365 monitoring  

Motorcycle Alarm & Immobiliser Systems

There are over 60 bikes stolen in the UK each day. That’s one every 24 minutes!  

Motorcycle Accessories

Croc locks, Bike Covers, we cater for all Motorcycle needs  

Keeping your motorcycle safe

Coming back to your bike to find it gone is the last thing anyone wants. Sadly, motorcycle theft is widespread, with £3 million worth of motorcycles stolen in the UK every month.   

Did you know, it takes 20 seconds to steal a motorbike, so it’s no wonder they are such tempting targets for criminals. Motorcycles are always going to be easier to steal than cars. They don’t have doors to slow down criminals, and even with the strongest locks, criminals can lift them away.  

Motorcycle security is a lot about deterrence. By investing in security devices and parking smart, you can make your bike a much less attractive target. While you may not be able to eliminate the risk of theft, you can make your bike a less attractive option than the next one down the street.  

Fact 1

A bike is over twice as likely to be a target of theft than a car.  

Fact 2

Criminals steal around £8m worth of motorcycles every month.  

Fact 3

With a tracking system you have a better than 4 out of 5 chance of recovering your stolen bike.  

Here are our top tips to avoid being one of the statistics:

Lock It

Using a good quality lock. Secure your bike to something solid that can’t be easily moved. Where possible, keep the lock off the ground – as this makes it harder to break.  


Security mark your bike in as many places as possible to deter parts thief. Recognised by the every police force in the UK, the Datatag system uses the world’s leading technology from Trovan.  

Alarm It

Get a combined alarm and electronic immobiliser fitted professionally. Datatool® alarms are the best on the market and your insurance company may give you a discount on your premiums.  

Track It

Our Datatool stealth S5 motorcycle tracker is a market leader. Providing instant notifications of theft. It also offers a high chance of recovery (96%) if the worst does happen.

Garage It

Getting your motorcycle hidden away is a great way to protect it and if you have a garage, you’re in luck! If you’ve got a garage, use it every day, lock it securely and use a ground anchor!  

Check Documents

If you’re buying a second-hand bike or parts, be wary of  ‘bargains’. Have a look at the registration documents. Check the bike’s history with HPI Group Ltd, Carwatch UK Ltd., the AA or the RAC


Keep your keys safe and out of sight at all times and any spare keys you have- keep them hidden and somewhere safe. If you have an alarm fob, it’s also a good idea to keep your alarm fob separate from your keys.  


Although it may seem obvious, don’t leave your helmet or other possessions on your bike. Also, don’t keep important items locked in your bike’s storage incase of a break-in.


Even if you ride an off-road bike, still register it with DVLA. This service is free and helps the Police in the event of a theft. Plus remember to security mark it with Datatag to deter theives. 

Steering lock

Add a good quality disc lock or lock and chain. Thieves can easily break the standard steering lock. The damage caused may be enough for your insurance to write it off, therefore, you’ll need additional locks.

Thatcham approved devices  

A Thatcham device is a security device, such as an engine immobiliser or alarm. It’s certified and rated by Thatcham Research, otherwise known as the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre  

Are Thatcham approved the best devices?  

Thatcham engineers continuously analyse theft methods and new theft techniques. This enables them to update the Security Criteria to combat new theft techniques. They use this information to keep vehicle manufacturers and security manufacturers updated on new attack methods. This enables them to improve on potential weak points in a vehicle’s security design.   

Are Datatool devices Thatcham approved?  

Some of our devices are Thatcham approved. Datatool has met rigorous Thatcham test requirements to meet their Thatcham Security Criteria (TSC) in vehicle tracking system approval. This will cater for any insurance company TSC tracking system requirement.    

Does Thatcham approved devices make insurance cheaper?  

Every provider will have its own criteria for covering your bike as security devices and anti-theft measures are often rated differently between insurers.    

Insurers will usually want to know about any sort of alarm, immobiliser and tracker you have, and whether you have any security markings on your motorbike. Thatcham are experts in vehicle security and rate all types of devices from chains to immobilisers.    

Insurers are more likely to recognise a Thatcham-approved device and offer a discount. 

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