Datatool Digi

The original and best in rider information systems designed specifically for your motorcycle.

The original rider information system designed specifically for your motorcycle. The Datatool® Digital Gear Indicator is suitable for use on most motorcycles* equipped with an electronic speedometer and rev counter and provides you with visual indication of which gear you are in at a quick glance, preventing you looking for a gear that isn’t there or riding along in 5th wasting fuel when you should be in 6th. The bright, clear red LED display features an automatic dimming facility for night-time use.

Installation is straightforward, with Digi being suitable for the majority of motorcycles with a digital speedo. Digi works by learning the relationship between road speed and engine speed in each gear and can be reprogrammed at any time if the wheel, tyre or sprocket sizes are changed.

*Please note: On motorcycles equipped with an ABS braking system Digi can still be installed if there is a separate road speed sensor. If the speedo uses one of the ABS sensors for the road speed input, it is unlikely the Digi will program correctly. Please consult your local Datatool dealer for further information.


icons_features_pinDigital gear position indicator
icons_features_siren Programmable to suit a wide range of machines with digital speedometer
icons_features_siren Auto dim for night time use
icons_features_pin Can be programmed for up to 8 gears
ble to cater for changes in wheel or sprocket sizes
icons_features_sirenFitting instructions and programming guide included

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