Datatag Motorcycle Tagging System

The new Thatcham TQA accredited Datatag motorcycle tagging kit, with all new “Stealth UV” reactive etching, is the most sophisticated identification technology on the market today.

RRP £89.95

*Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) include VAT at the prevailing rate. Typical installed prices where shown may vary due to dealer labour rates.

datatag motorcycle uv tagging

This state of the art technology is now virtually invisible to the naked eye. In addition to this the all new kit continues with further layers of security to include the new Datatag Datadots with forensic chemical DNA called Datatag DNA, an invisible solution within the adhesive of the Datadots – any would be criminal now faces the daunting task of having to remove every last molecule of Datatag DNA to be completely confident that the motorcycle or parts can not be traced back to the true registered keeper.

Each tag carries a unique code, details of which are stored on Datatags 24/7 Home Office and ACPO Police secure and accredited database. The Datatag system also complies with several other quality accreditations including ISO and LPS (Loss Protection Standards).

With a 100% success rate since 1992 in identifying stolen property and helping to gain a prosecution along with approval by Thatcham under their strict new TQA scheme means that protecting your machine with Datatag acts as one of the most powerful deterrents to thieves.


icons_features_pinUnique code

Legal proof of ownership

icons_features_sirenNEW UV reactive etching

Virtually invisible to the naked eye

icons_features_sirenHome Office and ACPO approved

Secure database

icons_features_sirenNEW Datatag DNA

No damage to the motorcycle

datatag motorcycle uv tagging contents

Datatag is approved to the Thatcham TQA standard, meaning you can be sure that the kit components will last the lifetime of your bike, scooter or quad and that the database is secured to the highest standard.

Thatcham Quality Assurance looks at all aspects of product performance, manufacturing capability and service, meaning that each product that achieves the coveted mark has successfully undergone a rigorous assessment under Thatcham’s own robust criteria. Products are also monitored and periodically reviewed throughout the duration of the accreditation to ensure that the levels of quality, service and performance are retained.

Quite simply, if a product carries the Thatcham Quality Assured trademark – you can rely on it.